This is Mikey.

Well at least what his face looked like during some engagement photos in 2014. He has a huge baby now and looks a bit more exhausted.

Mikey is currently a Creative (ACD) at Cavalry – part of the Y&R group. Since 2009 he's directed and created work for clients such as Altria, Beef, Bel Brands, Beretta, ComEd, Constellation, Centrum, E&J Gallo, Samsung, Tyson and some others. 

When he's not grinding at work he's playing with his son - Hutch, or making nerd music (Jelly Blood), photoshopping dinosaurs,  or designing Lebowski posters, or taking photos of his old Jeep Cherokee, or golfing, or filming you right now with his drone - don't look up!

He attended Fort Hays State University in western Kansas (there's no place like home), and earned a BFA specializing in Graphic Design.

To view the Adults Only section just send a message for a password. It contains age sensitive materials that respect client and agency guidelines.

For more information on Mikey's work, to chat about employment opportunities, or to just say hello, get in touch

312.659.9984 | [email protected]

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