Samsung Voices of Life

Samsung is developing a new way to connect parents and preemies through the healing power of sound. “Voices of Life,” a Launching People initiative, enables a mother’s voice and heartbeat to be transmitted to a baby inside an incubator, which has been shown both to help parents bond with their babies and to enable babies to receive the maternal sounds they need for healthy brain development.

*2016 Cannes Lion winner

Voices of Life allows parents to talk to their premature babies, even when they can’t be right by their side.

Voices of Life is a revolutionary app that records the mother’s voice and heartbeat using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone. These recordings are then “wombified” for baby’s ears and played inside the incubator throughout the day, to simulate the nurturing sounds of the womb.


After mums and dads record messages onto the app, the message and heartbeats are automatically wombified, then uploaded to the nurse’s phone and placed in baby’s incubator. A program called SOX helped to “wombify” parents’ voices by doing a low pass filter on their recordings and removing high frequencies.


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